« On Closing Up », Møsting Hus, Copenhagen, 2020.

“Elevation” M100 gallery, Odense - 2019 Copenhagen/ Denmark

“SURFING” Museumsbygningen/Banja Rathnov/ 7 January-11 March 2017/ Copenhagen/ Denmark

“Baltic Sea Record 2013” Stadtgalerie Museum, Kiel, Germany- 2013

Mjølnerparkkens, "Kunstnerstie", Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009
Drawing printed on metal boards, (840x480cm)

Mjølnerparkkens, "Kunstnerstie", Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009
Drawing printed on metal boards, (840x480cm)

"Gesture", Installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark - 2010
Installation, drawings with ink and crayon, collage (diverse sizes), photos, objects.
Video "Arrange", high definition, 7mn, 2010
Video "Manège" mobil-phone, 5mn, 2010

"Into Intimacy", Danish Graphic House, Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

"Responding to the Needs of Real People", RACA, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009
Installation, Corporation-stock exchange-magazine, fabric, mirror, paper.

"Fri Porto", Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009
Installation, plastic objects, Photos.

Preview Art Fair Tempelhof, presented by Knut Hatwich Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2008.
Installation, Diverse materiels, Silk ribbons "paintings", Objects,
Photos (130X100cm) mounted on plexiglass, Video "Magasin"

Birgit Ostermeier Gallery Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Silk ribbons pinned on wall
Silk ribbons on strecher 25X25cm

Esplanaden Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Installation, Object/Scupture
Diverse objects, plastic/metal/glass

Knut Hartwich Gallery,Rügen, Sellin, Germany
Objects/sculpture and silk ribbon paintings- 2007
Diverse material, glass, plastic, fabric, metal.

Modul Project Room, Dresden, Germany
Work on paper ( used envelops) crayon/pastel/water color/acrylic
Plastic objects, glass

PS1/MOMA, Long Island City, New York
Selected works
Diverse materials, drawings/photo/fabric/objects

Spend it project, Brussels, Belgium
Architect : Maison Bulle, Jean Benjamin Maneval, courtesy Nathalie Bles
Silk fabric/glass/metal/chalk

“Private Property”, Installation, Brussels, Belgium, 2007
Diverse objects and material, furnitures, and paper wall.
Room used also for session of “Massage of the aura”

Collaboration - The cloning and the Egyptian laboratory chapter - with Javier Tapia
Installations, mural paintings, diverse objects, sound, videos, lights, drawing
Kunsthalle, Centro Cultural Andratx, Asbaek Gallery, Mallorca, Spain, 2006

Nu Her og Aldrig Mere
Installation, Live Atelier, objects, work on paper, photos
Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark

Acrylic paint on wall (11m x 4m)
Institute for Contemporary Art, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark

Installation, Acrylic paintings (200x130cm), plastic objects on plexiglass
Den Gyldne, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Installation, glass object, ink brush drawings
Western - Charlottenborg Efteraarsudstilling, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2003

Plastic objects
Window space, Copenhagen

Installation, bath towels
Institute for Contemporary Art, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2002

Installtion, Silk ribbon painting, plastic objects, photos, sound
Asbaek gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Installation, performance, drawning, crayon on paper and diverse
Traneudstillingen, Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Hellerup, Denmark

Installation, plastic objects
Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark

Installation performance
Charlottenborg, Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark

Laminatet photo (130x200cm)
Linde Gallery, Lubeck, Germany

Silk ribbon pinned on wall, 700x500cm
Norkoping Museum, Sweden

Installation paper
4 Barbier, Nimes, France

Plastic objects, cement, light, sound
Gallery Mini, Christianborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark

Outside installation, 2007
Ebbessen Gallery Copenhagen, Denmark

Le Commissariat, Paris, France
Installation, sculpture, diverse materials, objects, (plastic/glass/fabric). Water colors works-slides show animation.